SIDAC Mentorship Programme
Guiding future interior designers with the SIDAC Mentorship Programme

SIDAC is pleased to announce the launch of the Mentorship Programme. The programme aims to guide new interior designers such as recent graduates or students and introduce them to the industry of interior design with the assistance of a professional designer to be their mentor.

The goals of the program are to give these newer designers a better understanding of the interior design practice and provide them with the necessary skills and tools they need to start mapping out their careers in the industry, as well as enabling them to build connections for their future.

For mentors, this programme offers opportunities to contribute to the interior design community, as well as building rapports with emerging designers and providing access to up-and-coming talent and new ideas.

Who is this Programme For ?
For Interior Designers – Recent Graduates, Students, Unaccredited IDs (Mentees)
  1. Gain a better understanding of the industry and profession
  2. Receive guidance on the career pathways available
  3. Learn the necessary skills and tools needed in the industry
  4. Build connections with others in the industry, including experts and professionals
  5. Get real world experience on working in the industry with assistance from an experienced professional
For Professional Interior Designers – (Mentors)
  1. An opportunity to give back to the interior design community
  2. Share your experience, knowledge, and insight with the next generation of interior designers
  3. Build rapport with emerging designers
  4. Gain insight and new ideas from a different point of view
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For Mentees
  1. Must be a Registered Accreditation Interior Design Candidate.
For Mentors
  1. Eligible mentors must hold a valid ID 1 Accreditation under the Singapore Interior Designers Accreditation Scheme.
  2. Eligible mentor should have at least 8 years of design experience.
  3. Eligible mentor should have no prior criminal records.
  4. Eligible mentor should not be implicated in any on-going disciplinary proceedings or legal case of relevant industry.
  5. Eligible mentor should not be from the same company or association with the interior design candidates.
The mentorship programme will take the course of 1 year
For Mentees
  1. Prepare and establish goals for the mentorship with your mentor
  2. Commitment to meeting with your mentor for a minimum of 1-1.5 hours a session. 4 times a year.
  3. Maintain effective communications with your mentor
  4. Keep an accurate record of your development and progress
  5. Acknowledge your mentor’s feedback and be open to constructive criticism.
  6. Maintain the confidentiality of the mentorship.
For Mentors
  1. Able to provide guidance for a minimum of 6 mentees
  2. Provide necessary training and guidance for the mentee for development in the various areas of Interior Design practice
  3. Provide the mentee the opportunities to strengthen the knowledge on the Capabilities Development Pillars of Interior Design accreditation
  4. Provide necessary training and guidance in practical areas of interior design practice such as design and proposal documents, design contract administration and project management.
  5. Provide tutorial lessons in the areas of contract administration, contract issues and other areas of professional practice (if any)
  6. Have quarterly meetings with the mentee to review their progress and make assessment of their practical design training
  7. Monitor the mentee for any shortcomings and provide additional guidance for further improvement
  8. Submit to SIDAC assessment reports of the mentee’s progress
  9. Encourage the mentee to participate in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training, seminars and talks as continuing education for the enrichment of their training.
Submission of Reports Endorsed by Mentor

The mentee is required to ensure that the quarterly reports are endorsed by their mentor indicating the mentor’s involvement and assessment of the mentee’s practice. The mentor and mentee are required to have quarterly meeting sessions of minimum 1 to 1.5 hours for this purpose.

Any non-submission of the quarterly report by the mentee may result in SIDAC not granting its permission for the mentee to sit for the Professional Practice Examination.

For Mentees
  1. The Mentorship Programme requires the mentee to be a registered accreditation interior designer candidate.
For Mentors
  1. The Mentorship Programme requires the Mentor be accredited with an ID 1 accreditation.

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